Neko Neko is a creative collective. A multidisciplinary group of people who spread art and culture through fashion. We believe in creativity and its power to shape a better world.

Founder & Artistic Director

Clothilde Dupont

I'm Clothilde, artistic director and founder of the Neko Neko brand.

Of Franco-Argentine origin, I have a passion for travel in my blood. I have always been on the move, at the intersection of multiple cultures. I have lived on different continents and in various countries, constantly on the go, and I am one of these new nomads in perpetual motion.

A graduate of the prestigious École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, I am a creative director, designer and consultant specializing in fashion and fashion accessory design. I work between Paris and Valence, where my design studio is based.

With over twelve years' experience revitalizing image and accessory collections for renowned brands such as Leonard Paris, Galeries Lafayette, Cosmoparis, Maje, Verdino, Le Tanneur, and many others, my work has been distinguished by renowned publications including Vogue, Elle and L'Officiel.

I also share my know-how through workshops in Asia and Latin America.


Raky Martinez

With a visionary mind and a natural ability to think "out of the box", Raky has worked in a wide range of disciplines including architecture, furniture, product and experimental design, brand branding and fashion design. Combining his passion for music with his alter ego Rakkafukka mc, he has performed at international events such as the Sonar festival in Barcelona.



Lea Chave

Studio Bebelle brings together know-how from design, architecture and advertising, always at the cutting edge of technology with ideas galore. A vitamin-packed studio that had the opportunity to collaborate with neko neko to create surprising experiences together.


Video animation - instagram filters

Studio Bebelle collaborated on the "Wasabi capsule" by imagining and creating an animated video "From Tokyo to Rio".

A crazy project! She illustrated over 270 clothildes, 12 layers per drawing.

"From Tokyo to Rio" is the story of a girl who travels, teleporting from city to country, day and night.

Ready to board? Embarque a bord d'Air Bisous, an equally crazy and fun filter to try out on our instagram account.


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