"Art and culture play a vital role in creating a more equitable society".

Neko Neko offers a creative, mobile, and collaborative experience deeply rooted in contemporary lifestyle. Built on co-creation, it's a brand that involves artisans, artists, you, and me through a reimagined model.

We are a movement and a community

We are designers, artisans, creators and free thinkers. We're digital, disruptive, innovative and colorful. We love fashion, but we don't want our bags to exploit people or destroy our planet. We believe that upcycling and co-creation are the future.

We are a movement and a community.

We are you.

A bag that travels with you, that adapts to you

Skydiving, long-haul flights, daily routines, urban explorations, walks in the forest.

At its heart, movement, discovery and mixing. An insatiable curiosity, expressed through graphic and eclectic questioning.

An ode to contemporary itinerancy, immobile travel and fascinating journeys. An uncompromising personality, expressed through modular, playful and adaptable creations. Adaptable to the new challenges of contemporary life.

Welcome to the Neko Neko Paris community/to the Nekommunity


Yes, a sensitive heart beats beneath our shell.

As upcycling specialists, we use dormant stocks of leather from French and Italian tanneries to craft the interchangeable pieces of our little wonders (let's not be afraid to use that word).


Our design draws inspiration from artisanal techniques observed and studied during travels around the world, but our production takes place in Europe, in workshops that we visit regularly.

No shadowy areas with us.